PayPal Government Relations

Engaging with policymakers around the world to better serve our consumers & merchants while promoting the democratization of financial services and financial inclusion.

Who We Are

We promote the Mission, Vision and Values of PayPal with government stakeholders around the world to improve people’s financial lives.

Global Public Policy and Research Update

Global Public Policy and Research Update: Policies to Improve Financial Health and Expand Economic Opportunity in America

Explore more policy issues

Explore more policy issues and learn how they relate to our company and how they are viewed in the broader ecosystem.

Insights & Policy Papers
Insights & Policy Papers

Check out some of the latest research, insights and initiatives from around the world that relate to PayPal’s consumers and merchants around the world.

Small Business Initiatives
Small Business Initiatives

Small businesses play a critical role in the global economy. They create jobs, strengthen communities and drive economic impact. PayPal prioritizes our merchants by providing financial services and tools that help them compete in the globally connected economy. Check out some of the latest work our PayPal Government Relations team is engaged in around the world to promote small business success & inclusion.

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