The PayPal Public Policy Team strives to be thought leaders in the FinTech industry and provide research and insights that can lead to innovative solutions to addressing financial inclusion for underserved communities around the world.

Our archive of policy papers dives into the broader research around these policy issues, products and solutions.

PayPal Comment Letter on SEC Statement Welcoming Public Input on Climate Change Disclosures
Public Filing
PayPal supports the SEC's implementation of mandatory disclosures on climate change to provide meaningful, consistent, comparable, and reliable information to investors and other applicable stakeholders.
FinTech Cybersecurity: An ASEAN Outlook
White Paper
Southeast Asia’s FinTech sector is growing at an exponential rate. While it oers many benefits for the region and beyond, rapid digital adoption in the ASEAN region has also created an opportunity for malicious actors to attack organizations and unsuspecting end-users alike. The COVID-19 pandemic has only increased reliance on the internet, giving fraudsters greater access to susceptible individuals to perpetrate cybercrime.
The Digital Opportunity: COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on European SMEs
White Paper
It has been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading across Europe and around the world, triggering a public health crisis and devastating the global economy. The economic crisis, while challenging to so many, has had a disproportionate impact on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Periodic lockdowns and public safety guidelines affected consumer spending patterns in particular for local SMEs.
The Power of Indigenous Entrepreneurship in Canada
White Paper
Small businesses are at the heart of Canada’s economic success. As a global leader in the e-commerce ecosystem and a champion of Canadian entrepreneurs – particularly those from underserved communities — PayPal has seen first-hand how digital solutions can help businesses harness the power of the digital economy to innovate and grow. As a company, PayPal has a responsibility to empower people so they can participate in not only the local economy, but also the global marketplace. We are committed to making sure every single person can exercise that right and in turn, improve their financial wellness, no matter where they live or what their circumstances.
PayPal Comment Letter on Assembly Commercial Financing Disclosures (NY)
Public Filing
PayPal believes in equal access to credit and in transparency using meaningful disclosures to help small businesses make informed decisions. However, the legislation includes disclosure calculation requirements that may not accurately reflect the cost of financing and could cause confusion to customers as they consider the wide array of commercial financing options available.
Comments to CFPB on Small Business Lending Data Collection Rulemaking (FEDERAL)
Public Filing
PayPal recognizes the important purposes Section 1071 serves in both facilitating enforcement of fair lending laws and enabling communities, governmental entities, and creditors to identify business and community development needs and opportunities for women-owned, minority- owned, and small businesses.
PayPal Letter to NY SDFS on Commercial Financing Disclosures (NY)
Public Filing
PayPal believes in transparency and meaningful disclosures; however, there are several key areas of concern with the legislation including: APR disclosure requirements, lack of Regulation Z like tolerances, penalty provisions, and the short effective date timeframe. Based on the complexity of the bill and its vast impact to New York’s small businesses and the small business lending industry, we believe additional work is needed on the legislation.
PayPal Comment Letter on Senate Commercial Financing Disclosures (NY)
Public Filing
Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments on SB 5470-B which requires prescriptive disclosures in commercial financing. PayPal believes in equal access to credit and in transparency using meaningful disclosures to help small businesses make informed decisions.
PayPal Response to CA DFPI – Commercial Financing Disclosures (CA
Public Filing
PayPal, Inc. (“PayPal”) is pleased to offer comments in response to the proposed regulations implementing California Financial Code Sections 22800 through 22805, which require disclosures in small business financing. PayPal recognizes the importance of providing clear disclosures which are both meaningful and accurate. However, there are several key areas of concern with the proposed regulations.
  • Inclusive Globalization
    Inclusive Globalization

    Small Businesses Around the World are Competing and Thriving in Global Trade on the PayPal Platform

  • Financial Health for the Future of Work
    Financial Health for the Future of Work

    A Holistic Approach to Adapting and Reforming Financial Services Worldwide

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