The PayPal Public Policy Team strives to be thought leaders in the FinTech industry and provide research and insights that can lead to innovative solutions to addressing financial inclusion for underserved communities around the world.

Our archive of policy papers dives into the broader research around these policy issues, products and solutions.

Nebraska State Hearing on Marketplace Facilitators (NE)
Public Filing
The legislation requires marketplace facilitators to collect and remit sales tax for marketplace sellers as part of the state’s expansion of remote seller sales tax collection efforts.
PayPal Testimony to House Financial Services Committee – Is Cash Still King? (FEDERAL)
Public Filing
Testimony of Usman Ahme, Head of Global Public Policy PayPal Inc. Before The United States House of Representatives, Committee on Financial Services, and Taskforce on Financial Technology
Ceres Illinois Business Climate Action Letter (IL)
Public Filing
As employers with operations, investments, and business interests in Illinois, we write to express our support and stress the urgency of legislative action to accelerate the state’s transition to 100% clean energy and to build a cleaner, more equitable transportation system. We call on Illinois lawmakers to pass policies that will help our businesses, employees, and communities manage the multiple crises facing the state.
DFPI – Commercial Financing Disclosures (CA)
Public Filing
PayPal, Inc. ("PayPal") is pleased to offer comments in response to the Invitation for Comments on Proposed Rulemaking for Commercial Financing Disclosures dated December 4, 2018.
Specifically, PayPal addresses the Department's request for input in developing regulations to implement SB 1235, which requires a "provider" - defined as a person who extends a specific offer of commercial financing to a recipient - to disclose specified information when the provider extends the offer.
Open Banking: APAC
White Paper
As we move into the 2020s, Open Banking may well be the innovation that marks and defines the banking and financial services of a new era. Open Banking, properly implemented, will modernise the payments ecosystem and deliver great benefits to consumers.Ultimately, it holds the promise of providing consumers with greater control over their data and greater choice in the products and services they use.
The Small Business Silver Lining: A Study Of Digital Small Businesses During The Covid-19 Pandemic
White Paper
The COVID-19 virus has led to an unprecedented public health crisis that has also devastated the U.S. economy. One of the hardest hit segments of the economy has been small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The quarantine and shutdown orders led to a suspension of local economic activities and loss of jobs and income, which further depressed consumer spending, particularly for local in-person services. The lack of revenue led to a cash flow crunch for many SMBs and has already resulted in permanent closures of many SMBs, and we may see more in the months ahead.
Alternative SMB Financing: Fueling Underserved Entrepreneurs
White Paper
Small businesses continue to play an overwhelming role in the health of our economy and local communities. Enabling their access to capital, particularly in the early years of development, is critical to allowing them to grow and thrive. Innovative methods of financing are democratizing opportunity for entrepreneurs, particularly in low-income and distressed areas of the country. The use of new information and metrics to assess risk is closing the gap for underserved entrepreneurs like minority and female-owned businesses. Encouraging this innovation and supporting our entrepreneurs creates a healthier ecosystem and encourages a new generation of small business owners to launch in their communities.
Financial Health for the Future of Work in Singapore
White Paper
The future of work in Singapore will see fundamental changes wrought by rapid adoption of technological changes such as automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence; the rise of the gig economy and independent work; socio-demographic changes such as ageing; as well as the increasing attractiveness of entrepreneurship as a career path. Singapore’s greatest resource is its workers and the Singapore government has invested heavily in policies to help prepare them for the changing skill requirements of a new world of work. This research paper is the first to consider the implications of the future of work on the financial sector and on the financial health of Singaporeans.
Open Banking Asia Report
White Paper
Open Banking in Asia is emerging as a topic that can really change the consumer experience in terms of how they access their data and access service such as payments. The payments industry in Asia can learn from other global markets, but the opportunity is also for Asia to be the master of its own destiny. PayPal partnered with the Emerging Payments Association (EPA) of Asia along with Asia Pacific Financial Forum (APFF) to conduct regional research on Open Banking across Asia. The research consists of fundamental market research, a regional survey (targeted at payment professionals), and also a supplier directory of firms involved in Open Banking.
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    Inclusive Globalization

    Small Businesses Around the World are Competing and Thriving in Global Trade on the PayPal Platform

  • Financial Health for the Future of Work
    Financial Health for the Future of Work

    A Holistic Approach to Adapting and Reforming Financial Services Worldwide

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