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Our team is engaged on a wide range of issues around the world that matter to our PayPal customers. Explore some of the policy issues below and learn how they relate to our company and how they are viewed in the broader ecosystem. With a deep commitment to being thought leaders in the FinTech industry, we continuously release white papers that take a deeper dive into the issues. Explore our archive of policy papers below.


Read about some of the policy issues our team is engaging with around the world. Learn about each issue and how it relates to our company. Then discover how the broader ecosystem is approaching these issues with the latest research, positions and policy proposals.

Anti-Money Laundering & Know Your Customer

As a global financial services provider, PayPal is committed to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”).


A blockchain is an implementation of a digital ledger. Like a database, a digital ledger can record information of various types, but unlike most databases, blockchain implementations use cryptography to ensure that the information recorded is immutable and trusted.

Cross Border Trade

PayPal is a global payments platform that is available to people in more than 200 markets, allowing customers to get paid in more than 100 currencies, withdraw funds to their bank accounts in 56 currencies and hold balances in their PayPal accounts in 25 currencies.


PayPal engages with policymakers and law enforcement around the globe to fight cybercrime. Phishing and identity fraud threaten the development of the online economy, and PayPal is committed to keeping e-commerce safe for consumers.

Financial Participation & Health

The World Bank estimates that 2 billion adults (38% of adults in the world) are unbanked, but significantly more people than that are under-banked and underserved by the financial system.

Mobile Payments

Mobile is revolutionizing how people engage with their financial services. Smartphones provide people with a convenient, secure and affordable way to move and manage their money.

Online Consumer Lending

Consumers are finding that new technologies are making online loans more accessible, simple, and affordable. PayPal Credit is a unique credit option that provides consumers access to an instant credit line at the time of checkout online.


As a global commerce platform, PayPal understands the critical importance of data security and privacy. Our goal is to work with policymakers to promote privacy legislation that creates a uniform standard that’s technologically neutral and based on the Fair Information Practice Principles.


The World Bank estimates that globally, immigrants will send more than $600 billion in remittances in 2016. The remittance market is a valuable external source of funding for many families around the world.

Small Business Lending

Small businesses play a critical role in the global economy. They hire more people, they strengthen communities and they drive economic impact.

Policy Papers

The PayPal Public Policy Team strives to be thought leaders in the FinTech arena and provide innovative solutions to the underserved. Our archive of policy papers dives into the broader research around these policy issues, products and solutions.

Digital Commerce: How Canadian Small Businesses are Growing and Trading Internationally

Canada is a global powerhouse for important trade sectors and the global trade environment is rapidly evolving due to the proliferation of technology, in particular internet and mobile technology. This transformative technology creates opportunities for even the smallest of businesses to effectively reach customers across Canada and around the world. As a global e-commerce ecosystem leader, and a champion for Canadian entrepreneurs, PayPal sees firsthand how digital solutions can help Canadian businesses harness the power of the digital economy to innovate and grow.

Financial Health for the Future of Work

Retail financial services were designed for a world where individuals had a handful of fixed salaried jobs over the course of their lives. There is an increasing consensus that this will no longer be the case going forward. Online platform economy, entrepreneurship, socio-demographic shifts, and continued technological advances are rapidly evolving the way in which people work. The future of work presents an opportunity to reimagine the retail financial services ecosystem, institutions, and products. The public and private sector must align around the goal of enabling every worker to lead a financially healthy life in the future.

Helping Underserved UK Small Businesses Grow: How PayPal Working Capital is providing Access to Finance in Pockets of Great Britain that need it most

Small businesses play a critical role in the global economy. Yet many UK entrepreneurs have struggled to get financing to help them develop and grow, a problem that became more acute in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis as retail bank branches closed and those that remained decreased funding to small businesses. However, this study demonstrates how PayPal Working Capital is providing small businesses with access to finance in precisely those places where traditional financial institutions have pulled back.

Democratizing Globalization: How Small Businesses across America are Growing in the Digital Marketplace

Across the United States, vast numbers of people, maybe more than we previously realized, have not benefitted fully from globalization. Historically, only the largest businesses in the country could fully reap the benefits of trade. Moreover, businesses that traded were often concentrated in large city centers, often close to the coastline, in order to reduce the distance costs associated with trade. The Internet changes the calculus of who can fully engage in globalization by eliminating traditional barriers like distance, trust, and communication. Breaking down these barriers can enable businesses outside major cities and those located on the coasts to reap the economic benefits of an open economy.

Fintech from the Frontlines: The Opportunity for Technology to Improve Financial Services for All

The term "fintech" is often used to describe tech startups that are presumably going to upend traditional financial institutions (ie. Banks) through the use of new technology. Such a characterization, however, misses a large amount of what is truly transforming the financial services ecosystem. At PayPal, we believe that our nearly two decades of experience gives us a strong position to speak about what FinTech really is. This paper is our attempt to provide an insider’s perspective on the potential and the reality of fintech.

Digital Remittances: Enhancing Financial Health for Families around the World

The remittances market is a valuable external source of funding for many families around the world. The traditional costs of securely and efficiently managing and moving money across borders have been relatively high. Advances in digital technology are enabling a significant reduction in remittances costs. This study looks at the digital remittance solutions developed by Xoom and PayPal.

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