Member Christina Battle standing inside of clothing shop

Christina Battle


Top Shelf Boutique

In 2012, Christina Battle, armed with a dream of owning her own store took a leap of faith. Instead of waiting to figure out how to get into a very expensive SF storefront, she got a crazy idea to start her business more non-traditionally; by turning a 24ft old bread truck into her own clothing store on wheels! Christina was able to launch Top Shelf Boutique and make her mark on the fashion industry as a mobile retailer and one of the first of her kind in San Francisco.

One of the tools that Christina uses to grow her business is PayPal Working Capital. “It's great! Saves the day when you just need a little cash boost at the beginning of a season, or when you need to do some upgrades or buy more inventory and don't want to end up searching and waiting for a traditional loan. It's immediate, and you know up front what it will cost you. No wondering and fluctuating interest rates or missing a payment. I love it!”

After a year of gaining attention of customers and press alike, as well as appearing at a multitude of Bay Area events where she could park her Fashion Truck, she was able to land herself a spot inside a pop-up shop. The rest is history. Christina Battle, owner of TopShelf Style, now owns a storefront while growing her online presence as well. With the wonderful growth that Christina’s business has experienced she has decided to sell her truck and focus solely on her store and website. Support Christina’s small business by visiting her store and doing a little online shopping in the spirit of Fashion Week!

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