Eduardo Becerra of Cultural Immersion stands in front of mountains in biking gear

Eduardo Becerra


Cultural Immersion

Eduardo Becerra was born and raised in Cusco, Peru and attended the Andina University of Cusco. Growing up in the region instilled within Eduardo a love of the Peruvian culture, communities, and natural wonders. The love of his country drove Eduardo into the tourism and hospitality industry. That’s when he started working as an adventure travel tour guide. Soon he discovered that his clients were not just interested in sights and adventures, but were also interested in the Peruvian culture, and traditions of the local communities. Eduardo viewed this as an opportunity for a successful business, launching Cultural Immersion in 2005.

Cultural Immersion accepts 60% of their payments through the PayPal platform. “At the beginning it was difficult to charge the clients traveling from all over the world and it was hard to accept money transfers. We started to try different payment systems that process credit cards but fees are very expensive. Then we found out about PayPal. We are happy that the commission is so small. Through PayPal clients feel safe about their monetary transactions and in turn trust our company,” said Eduardo.

Cultural Immersion is operating with the goal of benefiting the local communities and people of Peru. Cultural Immersion donates a portion of their profit to the communities they visit. Additionally, in order to benefit as many local people as possible, they choose different communities and regions with each of their tours. Throughout the year Eduardo asks clients to bring school supplies along with them on their tours. Cultural Immersion stocks up on these items and gifts them to the children at Christmas.

Through Cultural Immersion, clients from all over the world can now enjoy the monuments and natural wonders of Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia, while also experiencing undiscovered areas, and most importantly the culture of the local people.