Member Cody Broderick smiling and pointing with both hands

Cody Broderick



inWhatLanguage is a language technology and translation company that offers translation, interpretation and transcription services in over 100 languages for people all over the world. CEO Cody Broderick has been a leader in the industry for the past 11 years. Prior to launching inWhatLanguage in 2011, Cody was using his Masters degree in Information Systems to find bigger and better solutions for language software and translation services.

"I speak Portuguese and I just love languages and cultures. The industry was destiny for me because I love it and am so passionate about it," Cody said. 

Cody’s passion is shared by his staff and translators who work diligently to further their mission of connecting people and helping others. They have even established a side project, inWhatLanguage Cares, dedicated to improving people’s lives and helping those struggling financially, medically or with education.

The business has continued to grow steadily since the beginning and the team now includes contract translators around the world who can provide localized translations. 

Cody attributes PayPal to being a great partner in their success and growth. 

"PayPal has been awesome," said Cody. "It is a great organization and has been a critical tool for us since day one." 

Cody credits PayPal for facilitating the way that they can do business. They are able to pay the translators that  they contract around the world through PayPal in whatever currency they desire. At the same time, it helps those local economies and markets by providing a job and steady pay. inWhatLanguage continues to prioritize cultivating a friendly atmosphere as they grow and expand.