Members Farice and Jean Baptiste smiling  in front of sign

Fabrice Gaumont & Jean-Baptiste Queromes


Bienvenue Wifi

Jean-Baptiste and Fabrice, both come from backgrounds in engineering and technology. Jean worked as an information technology consultant for 10 years, while Fabrice at the same time was working on product development teams in the telecom industry. During a year away from work to travel, Jean-Baptiste become aware of a problem in the marketplace; tremendous roaming charges outside of your country. When you travel, you don’t pay for water and electricity. Why should you have to pay more for your mobile internet? The two entrepreneurs, both coming from a technology background, had the expertise to come up with a solution. And so, in May of 2014, they started Bienvenue Wifi, providing simple, affordable and efficient mobile internet connections to keep people connected when traveling in France. Since then the two have partnered with a number of hotels and other tourism professionals. The company, while still very new, is growing quickly with the needs that they serve. The internet and PayPal have provided instant access to customer from all over the world.

“All sales on our website go through PayPal. It is very easy and there are no barriers. 90% of our customers are from other countries, so PayPal offers a global solution that is trusted. Our customers can pay with whatever credit card they want in whatever currency they want and PayPal takes care of it. It has allowed us to be a global company from the start.”

“The best part of owning our own business is freedom. We were tired of our old jobs and wanted to take advantage of our own ideas. We are our own bosses now. It is a great challenge and we are working on the fundamental needs of our customers.”