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Nikki Gentry



After graduating college with a degree in marketing, Nikki took some time away from the professional world to raise her children. However, her entrepreneurial spirit was always driving her to think about what was next. She decided to start a small business selling wedding invitations that she could run from her home, and while it was successful, she didn't fully commit to the process at first - never quite feeling like she could depend on the business full-time for income.

After jumping between a couple of different marketing jobs, Nikki finally decided that she would take her experience and launch her own business. In 2004, she fully committed to her home-based business by investing in some marketing to expand her operation. Since then, the business has really started to grow.

One of the tools that has enabled that growth is PayPal. Nikki says she has been using PayPal from the beginning to process payments on her website.

"I always tell people how great it is. It is a global company with a recognized brand which really stands out for my customers. It is safe and reliable and I love that my customers can get no payments and no interest through PayPal Credit."

Nikki has also taken advantage of the PayPal Working Capital program to help her business with cash flow during the slower months. "It is really a huge weight off my mind knowing that I have that extra little bit of financing when I need it to take advantage of a marketing opportunity, or buy some much needed supplies. It helps me breath and not panic." Nikki has continued to grow her business, hiring more artists and expanding the choices for her customers.

"I love being my own boss and taking what I have learned in previous jobs and doing things the right way and treating my employees well. I also love being able to be here for my kids. I really love every part of it."

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