Abe Gonzalez

E-Waste Management & Recycling

RPC Global

"I'm 43 years old and have never really had a job. I didn't plan it that way, but that's just what happened," jokes Abe Gonzalez, owner and founder of RPC Global.

Abe began selling computers while still in college to earn some additional income. However, his business quickly grew to the point where he decided to focus on the business full-time. Almost 20 years later, the business is still growing. In fact, just last year, the company's revenues increased approximately 24%.

In the beginning, Abe and his father operated a retail store, but by 2011, they recognized their focus should be in the online marketplace. Originally, the idea of selling online was like the Wild West to Abe. Now, it is the sole platform on which his business operates.

RPC Global works with a goal of preservation, collecting old and unwanted electronics to refurbish and resell. By recycling discarded products, they are not only helping the environment, but also selling to customers at discounted prices which helps small businesses, low-income families, charitable organizations and the like.

RPC Global has been able to grow tremendously over the past few years. One of the tools used facilitating that growth was PayPal Working Capital.

"Since our products sometimes sit on the shelves for a while, we need that additional cash flow to continue buying inventory. It is the number one reason that we have been able to grow 300% since 2011. We have been able to hire new employees, grow our warehouse space, upgrade our website, and more!" 

"I wouldn't trade owning my own business for anything. The idea that you can build something that people can use and benefit from is an incredible feeling."