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Small businesses play a critical role in the global economy. They create jobs, strengthen communities and drive economic impact. At PayPal, we have a strong small business empowerment message to share. We prioritize our merchants by providing financial services and tools that help them compete in the globally connected economy. To communicate this message and achieve this goal, we have created the PayPal Small Merchant Advocacy Delegation, a community of small business owners who advocate for the interests of other entrepreneurs on the issues that matter to them as well as PayPal. Check out some of our SMAD members below.

"I wouldn't trade owning my own business for anything. The idea that you can build something that people can use and benefit from is an incredible feeling." 

Abe Gonzalez, Owner & Found of RPC Global,

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Retail | MyDreamlines

Nikki Gentry

After graduating college with a degree in marketing, Nikki took some time away from the professional world to raise her children. However, her entrepreneurial spirit was always driving her to think about what was next.

Woodworking | Strong Oaks Woodshop

Mike Schmiedicke

Mike Schmiedicke spent the first portion of his entrepreneurial career behind a desk. In his 20s and 30s he founded a successful web development and programming business.

Clothing & Accessories | In a Clutch

Andrea Harrison

Andrea Harrison has been in retail for 30 years, most recently at Macy's as a media buyer, located in New York. Andrea began selling on eBay in 2004 part-time, selling small items like her son's outgrown baby clothes.

E-Waste Management & Recycling | RPC Global

Abe Gonzalez

"I'm 43 years old and have never really had a job. I didn't plan it that way, but that's just what happened," jokes Abe Gonzalez, owner and founder of RPC Global.

Cooking | Spice Kitchen UK

Sanjay Aggarwal

Sanjay Aggarwal has always been a small business owner, building his own recruitment company after graduating. However, this small business story is less about what Sanjay built for himself, and more about what he built for his family.

Clothing | Top Shelf Boutique

Christina Battle

In 2012, Christina Battle, armed with a dream of owning her own store took a leap of faith. Instead of waiting to figure out how to get into a very expensive SF storefront, she got a crazy idea to start her business more non-traditionally.

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