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Small businesses play a critical role in the global economy. They create jobs, strengthen communities and drive economic impact. At PayPal, we have a strong small business empowerment message to share. We prioritize our merchants by providing financial services and tools that help them compete in the globally connected economy. To communicate this message and achieve this goal, we have created the PayPal Small Merchant Advocacy Delegation, a community of small business owners who advocate for the interests of other entrepreneurs on the issues that matter to them as well as PayPal. Check out some of our SMAD members below.

Member Andrea Harrison smiling in front of brick wall

"Sometimes sales can be slow, or a large amount of your cash flow is tied up in inventory and you just need some money upfront to pay off other parts of your business. It was so easy to apply, and I was approved in seconds."

Andrea Harrison


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Mike Schmiedicke

"PayPal Working Capital was a dream come true. It was a game changer. The terms are flexible and it works the way our business works. On a good month you pay back a lot and in a slow month you aren't penalized."  

Mike Schmiedicke

Strong Oaks Woodshop

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Nikki Gentry

"It is really a huge weight off my mind knowing that I have that extra little bit of financing when I need it to take advantage of a marketing opportunity, or buy some much needed supplies. It helps me breath and not panic."   

Nikki Gentry

My Dreamlines

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Cultural Immersion | Cusco, Peru

Eduardo Becerra

Eduardo Becerra was born and raised in Cusco, Peru and attended the Andina University of Cusco. Growing up in the region instilled within Eduardo a love of the Peruvian culture, communities, and natural wonders.

inWhatLanguage | Salt Lake City, UT

Cody Broderick

inWhatLanguage is a language technology and translation company that offers translation, interpretation and transcription services in over 100 languages for people all over the world.

Knife Art | Little Rock, AR

Larry Connelley

Larry Connelley launched Knife Art in 1998 with the goal of providing a “best of the best” product line to consumers nationwide. Larry and his entire family are proud, life-long residents of Arkansas, the heartland of knife country.

The Hat Pros | Arlington, TN

Josh Dowden

Josh Dowden is a small business owner, but unlike most small business owners, he has also been serving on active duty in the U.S. Navy for the last 25 years.

GolfEtail | San Diego, CA

Marc Ducey

Marc Ducey, owner of, started his career as a U.S. Naval Officer. After his military service, Marc transitioned to a sales career.

Bienvenue Wifi | Paris, France

Fabrice Gaumont & Jean-Baptiste Queromes

Jean-Baptiste and Fabrice, both come from backgrounds in engineering and technology. In May of 2014, they started Bienvenue Wifi.

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