PayPal hosts US-UK SME Dialogue at NY office

Dialogue panel discusses tools for growing your online sales

On November 1, PayPal hosted the 3rd United States-United Kingdom Small and Medium Enterprise Dialogue at our offices in New York. The discussion was the third convening of the US-UK Trade and Investment Working group established in 2017 by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) and the UK Department of International Trade. The event was also sponsored by the Global Innovation Forum and US Department of Commerce and included over 100 attendees from UK and US governments, private sector and entrepreneurs from both regions.

The goal of the dialogue is to explore ways to enable greater SME participation in global trade and deepen the trade and investment relationship between the US and UK. Throughout the day, various panels discussed how the private and public sector are working to find innovative solutions for breaking down barriers to small business trade.

Franz Paasche, PayPal SVP of Corporate Affairs, provided opening remarks along with Daniel Mullaney, Assistant USTR for Europe and the Middle East, as well as Antony Phillipson, Consul General and Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for North America.

Paul Disselkoen, PayPal Senior Associate for Government Relations, also spoke on one of the panels during the event which was titled “E-Commerce Tools for Small and Medium Enterprises: Growing Your International Online Sales.” The discussion focused on how digital tools and platforms can help small businesses expand globally and navigate the barriers and complexities around cross-border trade. Paul discussed ways that PayPal is innovative to democratize opportunity for SMEs and some of the products we provide to facilitate that expansion. He also mentioned the policy research that PayPal has conducted on SMEs growing and thriving through the adoption of digital tools and globalization.

Other panels throughout the day included discussions on cybersecurity and data protection for SMEs as well as the benefits of globalization for burgeoning entrepreneurs.

The event was an excellent opportunity to further establish PayPal as a thought leader in small business growth, digitization and globalization, and we were proud to host the US-UK SME Dialogue.