PayPal Merchant hosts Congressman Boyle (PA-13)

| Financial Participation & Health

On Wednesday, January 24, Megan Hannigan, Manager of PayPal Government Relations, accompanied Congressman Brendan Boyle (D-PA-13) in a visit to one of PayPal’s biggest success story merchants, Linda’s Stuff, in Hatboro, PA. The visit was in follow-up to a meeting with the Congressman’s staff during PayPal’s 2017 Merchant Advocacy Summit in Washington D.C. and gave the leadership team of Linda’s Stuff an opportunity to talk to their local member of Congress about the issues affecting them as small business owners.

PayPal GR helped to coordinate and frame the visit around public policy priorities like providing access to capital for small businesses, and enabling these businesses to engage in cross border trade. Linda Lightman, CEO of the company, shared with the Congressman their story of first adopting PayPal as a seller on eBay and how they have come to depend on PayPal over the years, not only to process payments but also to help grow their business.

Congressman Boyle was fascinated to learn about how FinTech can play such a large role in filling the gaps that traditional financial institutions have left behind. He was eager to learn about the process Linda goes through to complete a sale from beginning to end, and the different types of jobs involved in making it a success.

Linda Lightman created Linda’s Stuff out of her home in 2000. Sixteen years later the business has grown into a $25 million operation, occupying a 93,000 square foot facility where they employ over 90 people. Their main focus is the resale of authentic designer clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories, all of which is done from their facility in Hatboro, PA.

Doug Bland, PayPal’s VP of US Business Finance Solutions, joined the tour and meeting to provide his perspective on business lending at PayPal. Doug’s perspective was extremely valuable because, in addition to using PayPal Working Capital, Linda’s Stuff has also utilized loans from Swift Capital as they started to grow out of the typical PPWC-sized loans.

PayPal is proud to empower small business growth and development and was thrilled to facilitate the meeting between our Small Merchant Advocate and their elected official. PayPal thanks Congressman Boyle for taking the time to visit Linda’s Stuff and talk about small business issues.