Senator Carper visits PayPal’s San Jose campus

| Cybersecurity, Privacy
Senator Carper talking in front of ATM machine

On October 15th, Senator Tom Carper, along with Chief of Staff Bill Ghent, visited the PayPal campus in San Jose and toured the PayPal Showcase with VP of Corporate Affairs, Franz Paasche, Head of PayPal Global Government Relations, Richard Nash, and Director of Information Security, Andy Steingruebl.

As a member of the Senate Finance Committee, in addition to being the Ranking Member and former Chair of the Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, Senator Carper is heavily invested in issues that are important to PayPal.

This year, the Senator has sponsored two bills related to cybersecurity and data privacy (S.456 : Cyber Threat Sharing Act of 2015 and S.961 : Data Security Act of 2015), issues that are central to PayPal Government Relations’ work. The Senator engaged in a healthy discussion with our team on what PayPal does to protect the customers and small businesses operating on our platform. Our group expressed to the Senator the ways that PayPal is a thought leader in the cybersecurity space as well as our regular engagement with policymakers to share our experiences and ensure there is an effective framework in place to combat cybercrime globally.

The tour of PayPal’s Showcase afforded an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to Senator Carper the products and services that PayPal offers to consumers and small businesses around the world. The Senator spoke with our team about how consumers are using these products and taking advantage of things such as digital wallets.

PayPal thanks Senator Carper for taking the time to visit our San Jose campus, and looks forward to continuing to build a strong relationship.